Why You need a health coach

The new year has recently passed and many of us have already fallen off and forgotten about the new years resolutions we made to improve our health. According to research, nearly 80% of people who make those resolutions will fail to see them through. When we make these resolutions, we have to be real with ourselves because life happens and we often times forget about the goals that we set at the beginning of each year.  In order for you to truly reach your goals, you have to stop saying what you want to do and start doing it by seeking the help that you need and investing in your health. If you really want to see a change you should consider hiring a health coach.


What is a health coach?

A health coach is essentially a health and wellness mentor who helps clients make food and lifestyle changes. A 2006 study that appeared in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology defines health coaching as, “A relatively new behavioral intervention that has gained popularity in public health because of its ability to address multiple behaviors, health risks, and illness self-management.”


How can health coaching help you?

Health coaching is extremely beneficial for my clients because I focus on their whole being. I have been trained to understand that each client deserves a holistic approach because our overall health is impacted by our diet, physical activity, emotional health, relationships, job, stress levels, etc. Because of this, each of my clients receives personalized coaching sessions tailored to identify and address their needs.  In regards, to nutrition I believe in bio-individuality, which is the idea that not one diet works for everybody. Rather than creating a cookie cutter meal plan, I tailor my counseling and nutrition advice to meet each clients needs. 


Who Can Benefit From Working With a Health Coach?

  • Obese and overweight individuals
  • Food allergies, intolerance or sensitivities
  • High stress levels and a busy schedule that contribute to poor habits
  • Existing medical conditions including diabetes, pre-diabetes, heart problems including high blood pressure, high cholesterol
  • People with a history of eating disorders
  • Digestive issues including bloating, gas, constipation, acid reflux, symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease, or irritable bowel syndrome
  • Parents and their children who are trying to follow healthier diets
  • Women who are pregnant
  • Adults going through hormone-related changes who are concerned about their symptoms, such as women during menopause


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