Nourish Book Review

The ebook is amazing! You've filled the gaps that exist in other books. Thank you for the detailed education. God bless you! 

- @ascension_22

Nourish Book Review 

Ignore the non presentation pic, BUT THIS CHILI IS AMAZING!

- Keith H.


I had to fight to get the cookbook back from my husband and sons! We all picked out recipes we want to try! The smoothies, plantain fries and sauteed kale were delicious! Can't wait to try more! Easy recipes, not complicated at all!

- Dessarie M.

Nourish Book Review 

Nourish Book Review

This recipe is nothing short of amazing! I’ve always been a lover of fried plantains but combined with sautéed spinach and the other ingredients creates a delicious and flavorful meal that will keep you full for hours. Thank you Janae for this wonderful charm that you have put together!

 I love the Nourish book! I love the recipes for salads, smoothies and soups. I’m glad Janae included healthy alternatives for those who want a plant based diet. The recipes are very easy to make. I can’t recommend this book enough. Thanks for creating such a great book Janae.

- Fredric C. 

Nourish Book Review 

Nourish Book Review

Chili is awesome! It's so spicy and all of my friends love it! 

- Courtney H. 


Best oatmeal I ever made! I love the pictures, not so many ingredients & very easy! Thank you for helping me be a better version of myself!!

- Margot C.

Nourish Book Review



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